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e-CollabCAD Working

If you are new to e-CollabCAD , follow these steps to use the numerous features of e-CollabCAD Viewer. Its a simple three step process.

Register --> Upload --> Share/View

Step 1

Register for CollabCAD account

After completing registration process, we will send an account activation link to registered email address of the user.

User needs to activate the account by clicking the activation link.

Log in to the CollabCAD account and uses the features of e-CollabCAD Viewer.

e-CollabCAD has taken care of different security parameters to keep the account data secure and private.

New to e-CollabCAD ?

Step 2

Upload models to your account

e-CollabCAD supports open formats like STL (Binary and ASCII) , OBJ ( without MTL) and JSON. User can directly upload 3D models and view them with the help of WebGL supported web browser.

No separate software is required to view these uploaded models in our 3D e-CollabCAD Viewer. Only a WebGL enabled browser is required to render 3D models.

A registered user with active CollabCAD account can upload any number of files with a maximum size of 8 MB each . Each user has a storage limit of 100 MB.

Already registered ? Login here to upload models

Step 3

Share uploaded models

With e-CollabCAD user can easily upload/view/share 3D models. User simply need to select share option for sharing their models with others.

Currently e-CollabCAD provides support for STL/OBJ/JSON file formats. User can share their innovative designs in public domain.

Once file is uploaded to the e-CollabCAD portal, it can be easily shared with other users.

Step 4

View Models in 3D e-CollabCAD Viewer

With the help of WebGL viewer user can view the 3D models in their browser. NO separate software is required to view these models.

e-CollabCAD viewer works on all browsers that supports WebGL. 3D models are rendered with the help of WebGL and HTML5 .

Once 3D model is uploaded to the e-CollabCAD portal , it can be easily viewed in our 3D e-CollabCAD viewer.