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CollabCAD is a collaborative network enabled and desktop CAD software system, which provides a total engineering solution from 3D Product Part/Assembly Design, 2D Drafting and Detailing, Scripting, Import/Export of CAD Data .

CollabCAD runs on Linux and Windows OS based desktop systems and is available in both Stand Alone & Client-Server mode. The collaborative mode of CollabCAD enables multiple designers to create and modify part data across a network and concurrently access the same design data for storage and visualization.

Download CollabCAD CBSE Students (Instructions) Atal Tinkering Lab

CollabCAD Models

View CollabCAD models in e-CollabCAD 3D web viewer with innumerable features

Sample 3D Model

Gear Shaft

Sample Model

Jeep Model

Sample Model

Radial Engine

Sample Model

Cylinder Head

Sample 3D Model


Sample Model

Taj Mahal Model

Sample Model

Water Jug

Sample Model


CollabCAD Models

View CollabCAD models in e-CollabCAD 3D Web Viewer with innumerable features

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New Models added in GalleryNew

Check out the Gallery page where new 3D Models and 2D Drawings are added

More ATL Schools added

10000 schools associated with ATL are on-boarded to CollabCAD portal

Seminar on CollabCAD for IDEA Labs

Faculty development program for establishment of IDEA Labs under AICTE scheme

CollabCAD e-Book launched

e-Book launched for Students, CAD Beginners & CAD Professionals

e-CollabCAD Viewer

e-CollabCAD Web Viewer is a product for visualization and sharing of 3D design data of CollabCAD and open 3D data file formats (STL, OBJ, PLY, MUZ, JSON). No software or plug-in required, the viewer works directly on a WebGL compliant web browser! Upload, View and Share 3D models and innovative designs with public or private collaborative partners. To get started, register for CollabCAD account, upload 3D models and view them online. Already have an account, login to access uploaded 3D models.

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No additional installation required

No need to install extra software or plug-ins

View 3D in your browser

Only need a WebGL compliant web browser

Support open 3D data file formats


High performance 3D e-CollabCAD Viewer

3D e-CollabCAD viewer comprise of various features

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