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e-CollabCAD Features

e-CollabCAD web application yield lots of features that make easy deployment of 3D CAD and mesh models, share and view them in WebGL enabled modern web browsers. 3D models are rendered on the 3D web viewer with the help of WebGL and HTML5 .

Account creation

CollabCAD offers account creation. Once you register successfully on CollabCAD, you will only need to verify your email by the process of account activation and you can freely avail the functionalities of our 3D viewer.

Notification and email support

e-CollabCAD delivers the faster and reliable support of notification with email. We facilitates you with notifications and email time to time when needed. We wills send the necessary verification or reset links to you via your registered email address. We also notify you about needful informations related to your CollabCAD account.

No additional IT required

No need to install extra software or plugins to upload and view 3D models into our viewer. No need to append any type of additional peripheral or technical unit, Whatever user need is only a WebGL compliant web browser.

Support popular 3D open file formats

e-CollabCAD supports the most popular 3D open data file formats like STL (ASCII or BINARY), OBJ, JSON etc.e-CollabCAD can parse these files and can render corresponding 3D data (faces and vertices) to the browser.

User's data security

CollabCAD keeps the data of user secure and private. Nobody can access the data of our registered users and we will not provide any information about users account to anyone. On e-CollabCAD portal, input files are stored as long as it is not deleted by the user. These files are deleted only when user account is deleted or user explicitly deletes these files. We instantly notify our user by sending email to his registered email address when any activity is noticed like password change, reset link requested etc.

Instant deployment of 3D models

After creating account over CollabCAD, one can deployed 3D model in faster manner. Once model is uploaded into account, its reflects can be viewed instantly.

Easy sharing of models

e-CollabCAD facilitate easy sharing of uploaded 3D models. Users can instantly and easily share their models in the public domain.

View 3D in your browser

Models that user uploaded in his account can be viewed with the help of webGL supported browser. A WebGL enabled browser alone can able to view 3D models. However, the level of support and the expected performance varies between different browsers. In modern browsers like Google Chrome 56 and higher , Mozilla Firefox 51 and higher , Safari 8 and higher, MS Edge 14, Internet Explorer 11 , WebGL is enabled by default.

High performance 3D e-CollabCAD Viewer

Our 3D e-CollabCAD viewer comprise of various features as it incorporate with model tree which provides the information regarding geometry, vertices, faces and other additional information. It owns with functionalities like one can change shading quality, background color, material color with the uploaded models as well as with our provide basic primitives. With these uncounted features one can view and observe the face normals, vertices normals and visual structure of uploaded 3D object.

Multi view creation of uploaded models

Uploaded 3D object can be viewed by different views into our 3D viewer like top, bottom, left, right, front, back and isometric (default) views.

Runs on phones and tablets

Models can be accessed or uploaded through web browser via mobiles, iOS or Android devices . One can easily view its uploaded 3D data files and can render their 3D models on the browser.

Runs anywhere on any computer

e-CollabCAD gives the flexibility to access CAD data anytime, anywhere on any device. We offer fully cloud based portal so user can utilize all features and functionalities of e-CollabCAD over any device, irrespective of user's location. If web browser of your device supports WebGL then you can access our viewer any time on your device as e-CollabCAD viewer works on all browsers that supports WebGL. 3D models are rendered with the help of WebGL and HTML5 .