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About Us

About Us

CollabCAD is an indigenous 3D CAD Software for collaborative product design on a network as well as standalone desktop application. It is an initiative of National Informatics Centre (Meity), New Delhi, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (DAE), Navi Mumbai and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Centre (DoS), Thiruvanthapuram.

CollabCAD supports surface and solid modelling including form features for part design. Assembly design allows sub-assembly and assembly of components using a 3D Constraint solver. Collaborative design allows users to concurrently access the same design for creation, modification and visualization. The parts are then stored in application server.

e-gov AppStore from Meity, Govt of India is national level common repository of web applications that can be used by various government agencies/departments showcasing NIC applications and are not yet in their productized form. Going ahead , it was an opportunity to showcase CollabCAD 3D product design CAD data as well as open industry formats like STL, OBJ on the web platform using modern browsers which support display of 3D graphics and deploy it as a secure visualization and storage service to registered users.

e-CollabCAD Web Viewer is a product for visualization and sharing of 3D design data of CollabCAD and open 3D CAD data file formats(STL/OBJ). No software or plugin required, the viewer works directly on the web browser! Share your innovative designs with public or private collaborative partners.