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CollabCAD is a 3D CAD , 2D Drafting and CAM Software system for collaborative design & development of Industrial Designs. It provides a total solution from product design, numerical control, visualization, simulation, analysis to design data repository, workflow and enterprise resource planning. CollabCAD is an initiative of National Informatics Centre (NIC, Department of Information Technology), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC, Department of Atomic Energy) and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (Department of Space, VSSC).

CollabCAD is developed on the Linux platform and is available on Windows and Linux. CollabCAD is developed using open source software tools such as Java/Java 3D, Open Cascade geometry kernel and supports open standards of data exchange such as XML, STEP, IGES, and VRML to ensure interoperability.

Crankshaft Bevel Gear Shaft Automotive Part
Automotive Part Pipe Wrench Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Nozzle
LATEST NEWS : e-CollabCADβ 3D Web Viewer launched
LATEST NEWS : CollabCAD V2.5.0 released
LATEST NEWS : CollabCAD V2.3.0 released for Download
Acknowledgement of Open Domain Libraries
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CollabCAD Advantages:

  • Economical CAD Solutions
  • Collaborative & Comprehensive
  • Parametric and Feature Based Modelling
  • Flexible & Easy to Use Database Connectivity
  • Programmable Scripting Interface
  • Powerful Reverse Engineering
  • Slicing/Cross sectioning
  • Reflection Line Analysis
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Standard Data Exchange Formats
  • BAR Code for ERP Solution
  • Plot Configurator and BOM
  • Visualization Model for VRML 3D Worlds
  • XML based Geometry Data Storage
  • Design Data Management and Work Flow
  • Customizable ERP/MRP/SCM Module
  • Interface to Finite Element Analysis
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